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Vents Magazine

Crescent Hill Radio WCHQ 100.9 FM
Real Talk Big G Artists

The Notty Wood Show

Hollywood Music Magazine

Ultimate Local Music

Contrast Control


Echoing Magazine (NGFY Radio Interview)

Coming Up Magazine 

Metal Onslaught Magazine 

Indie Power TV 

Jammers Direct  (Jammerzine)

Phils Picks

Romana Town Radio

Crim Radio 

Belter-Radio (UK)

NGFY Radio

411 Underground Radio

Code Zero Radio

Lucky Star Radio:

Stations for the Nations Radio

MuseBoat Radio

Twisters Music

Core FM

Stone Chrome Radio

KDKT Radio

Remnant X Radio


Nuclear Rock Radio

Renegade Radio

Furious Radio

Gashouse Player

Ayer Waves

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Ultimate Local Music

Wikked Chik Radio 247 

Crescent Hill Radio WCHQ 100.9 FM
Loyola University New Orleans

Valley FM 89.5 located in Austrailia

Diffuser Radio Network

X99.1  FM

Crim Radio

Twisters Music

Radio Riff 
New Music 6 Pack

KDKT Radio
Band of the month!!

Uncivil Revolt

Contrast Control


Local Band Smokeout S02E23 A Toi Meshen

Diamondz, The 3D Experience (show #001 1/2/16) 

Rock Underground TV 

Ryan Reedy _ The Discovery Series - Episode 24 

I'm Music Magaizne

Mi2n Music News

Yvonne's World

The One Magazine

Coming Up Magazine

411 Underground 

Vents Magazine

Echo Eyes Magazine

Neuwelt Music

Metal Shock Finland 

Metal Dose 

Real Rock and Roll 

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