Phony People - * Official Music Video *

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This self-titled album is a very reflective piece of art towards what a toi me'SHen really stands for. Throughout this album there is a wide range of styles and lyrical content that is sure to appeal to everyone. The band has utilized modern technology with an old school approach to create a interesting and fresh blend that will be sure to keep you interested from the first track to the very last. This album's lyrical content touches on political, religious, moral, and relationship aspects in which defines us as humans in the modern society in which we live. Through this album we hope to achieve a better awareness of who and what we are in an ever changing world. What we accomplish together CAN and DOES effect each other. Sometimes in a positive and sometimes in a negative way. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us via Our Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Email. Everyones opinion counts! Share the love.

  • Waste Of Time3:23
  • Throwing Stones3:53
  • Doubt3:35
  • W.M.D.3:19
  • Dirty3:45
  • Must Be Love4:01
  • Phony People4:30
  • Behind The Mask3:57
  • Tear Down3:42
  • Hate3:30

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